Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk

May 18 11:00 am - May 18 6:00 pm

Join ARTnews and Madison Avenue’s galleries for our Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk on Saturday, May 18th. This free event invites the public to visit participating galleries, view their exhibitions and attend expert talks led by artists and curators on Madison Avenue & side streets from East 57th to East 86th Streets.

See our listings below for a complete list of participating galleries, gallery talks, and exhibitions on view. Questions during the day of the event? Visit our Information Tent, located on the west side of Madison Avenue, between East 66 and East 67 Streets.

Pre-registration is required for all Gallery & Artist Talks. Click here to book your Gallery or Artist Talk Reservation.

Participating Businesses


18 East 79 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Acquavella Galleries is pleased to present “Wayne Thiebaud: Summer Days.” The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Wayne Thiebaud Foundation, presents works from multiple decades of the artist’s career and tracks his sustained interest in recurring subject matter, here offering a nostalgic look at American life passing through the heat of summer. In “Summer Days” the artist’s many paintings play with both present and past, tasking the viewer to relax amongst scenes of warmth, indulgence, and distant serenity. Rendered in candy-colored impasto, the exhibition includes examples of Thiebaud’s paintings of sweets, hot dogs, bathing suits, and whirling beach scenes, among other subjects.

Gallery Talk
2pm & 3pm: A review of the exhibition on view.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


595 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor (57-58)

Adelson Galleries is please to exhibition a collection of American Impressionist and Realist works.

Gallery Hours: 11am-2pm.


1018 Madison Avenue, Fl. 3 (78-79)

Alexander Berggruen is pleased to present our second solo with the painter Anna Kunz, whom the gallery represents. Kunz makes luminous, vibrant paintings with an emphasis on color, material, and process. Her practice thoughtfully considers the viewer’s experience, taking into account—with deep awareness and intentionality—how each work, each gesture, affects the exhibition space and, by extension, the viewer.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


25 East 73 Street, 3rd Floor (Madison-Fifth)

Pat Adams: Work from the 1950s and 60s.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5:30pm.


1016 Madison Avenue (78-79)

The finest display of natural history watercolors in the world.

Gallery Talk
12pm: Overview of the Arader Galleries collection.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


22 East 81 Street (Madison-Fifth)

World renowned contemporary artist Michael Carson is known for his dynamic and expressive figurative paintings on panel, with nondescript, abstract backgrounds that highlight the emotions and gestures of his subjects.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


39 East 78 Street, Suite 402 (Madison-Park)

Bookstein Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Paul Resika. This is the artist’s fourteenth solo show with the gallery.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


956 Madison Avenue (75-76)

The gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition with New York based emerging artist Rachael Tarravechia. This exhibition marks her first solo show with Ceysson & Bénétière New York.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


23 East 67 Street, 4th Floor (Madison-Fifth)

A selection of antiquities, old master paintings, and works on paper.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


16 East 79 Street, Suite G2, Garden Level (Madison-Fifth)

Emma Tapley.

Gallery Hours: 12pm-4pm


41 East 57 Street (Madison-Park)

David Benrimon Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition Fernando Botero that will present a selection of paintings, sculpture and works on paper by the internationally renowned artist, in honor of the Maestro. Botero’s oeuvre of satirical and graceful voluminous subjects spans over seventy years.

Gallery Hours: 11am-4pm.


24 East 81 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Enrico Baj: Alter Ego and Other Hypotheses – Celebrating the Artist’s Centennial. With a passion for the eccentric and a strong iconoclastic impulse, Enrico Baj (1924-2003) was one of the central figures of the Italian Neo-Avant-Garde. Born in Milan, his art and writings played an instrumental role in influential movements, from Dada and Surrealism to Art Informel and CoBrA, as well as the Nuclear Art movement.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


34 East 69 Street (Madison-Park)

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Brazilian artist Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato (1900–1995). This exhibition will coincide with Lorenzato’s inclusion in the 60th Venice Biennale, organized by Brazilian curator Adriano Pedrosa.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


744 Madison Avenue (64-65)

Enchanted Reverie: Klee and Calder is organized in collaboration with the Calder Foundation. The exhibition brings together over forty paintings, sculptures, and works on paper to present Klee and Calder in dialogue, illuminating their shared metaphysical understanding of the universe’s unseen forces.

Gallery Talk
3pm: Please join us for a guided tour of “Enchanted Reverie: Klee and Calder”.

Gallery Hours: Other than the Gallery Talk, which should be booked via the Madison Avenue Gallery Walk booking engine by clicking here, Madison Avenue Gallery Walk guests must book their visit via Di Donna’s own booking site at


25 East 73 Street, 4th Floor (Madison-Fifth)

D’Lan Contemporary presents exceptional modern and contemporary works of art by First Nations artists at our galleries in Melbourne and New York. Yurlupirti – Forever Without End (eternal) marks our second collaboration with Daniel Walbidi following the first sell-out show in New York in 2023.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


980 Madison Avenue, Rm 305 (76-77)

Established in New York in 1985, Edward Tyler Nahem is internationally recognized for exhibiting exceptional Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary masterworks. Focusing on the secondary market, the gallery works with leading artists and estates, staging monographic and thematic exhibitions at its base on Madison Ave and various art fairs globally.

Gallery Hours: 10am-5:30pm.


18 East 81 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Petit Format: Featuring works by Balthus, Jean Dubuffet, Friedel Dzubas, Max Ernst, Sam Francis, Alberto Giacometti, Françoise Gilot, Wassily Kandinsky, Fernand Léger, René Magritte, Agnes Martin, Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock.  Also on view: Vicky Colombet, Tony Delap, Lluis Lleo and Yoshitomo Nara.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.



16 East 79 Street, Suite 11 (Madison-Fifth)

Presenting a solo exhibition for artist Simone Bodmer-Turner entitled A Year Without A Kiln.

Gallery Hours: 12pm-5pm.


976 Madison Avenue (76-77)

Visitors to Gagosian at the 976 Madison Avenue gallery can see “Anselm Kiefer: Punctum,” the first exhibition in the United States to center exclusively on the artist’s photography.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.




980 Madison Avenue (76-77)

In the Gagosian Shop , adjacent to the gallery, a suite of woodcuts and a selection of prints by Donald Judd are on view, alongside prints by Frank Gehry, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, Stanley Whitney, and Jonas Wood. The Shop also offers an exclusive and extensive selection of artist’s books, exhibition catalogues, posters, and prints.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


43 East 78 Street (Madison-Park)

Anh Duong: The Incoherences of a Gentlewoman: Galerie Gmurzynska showcases Anh Duong’s work in an comprehensive exhibition spanning self-portraiture, portraiture, and still lifes. The show runs in concurrence with Dolce and Gabbana’s new exhibition, From The Heart to The Hands, at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, where Duong’s 24 commissioned works are featured in a stunning floor to ceiling display

Artist Talk
3pm: Anh Duong visits us from Paris to discuss her life, her influences, and, of course, her body of work on display. Veristic in style and uncompromisingly theatrical in substance, the pieces play with the complicated ideas of identity, self-expression, and gender.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


24 East 78 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Logan Maxwell Hagege: Flowers Will Grow

The Modern American Landscape

Giancarlo Biagi: Furniture and Design in Bronze

Artist Talk
2pm: Giancarlo Biagi to speak on sources for his design as well as his foundry techniques.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


23 East 67 Street, 2nd Floor (Madison-Fifth)

Goodman Gallery presents In Focus: Kapwani Kiwanga, a presentation of select bodies of work by the artist. The presentation opens alongside Kiwanga’s solo exhibition, Trinket, currently on view at the Canada Pavilion in Venice. Kapwani Kiwanga’s practice centers around a keen sense for the inherent properties of materials and in turn their ability to communicate multiple layers of meaning.

Gallery Hours: 10am-4pm.


17 East 67 Street, No. 1A (Madison-Fifth)

Graham Shay 1857 and Lincoln Glenn host a Celebration of the 135th Anniversary of the National Association of Women Artists, Est. 1889.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


1018 Madison Avenue (78-79)

GRAY is pleased to announce Calder, an exhibition of sculptures by Alexander Calder from the 1950s and 60s.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


35 East 67 Street, 4F (Madison-Park)

Alfredo Boulton & Diana de Solares.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


16 East 79 Street, Ste 21 @Galerie Mourlot (Madison-Fifth)

Classic New York, an exhibition featuring new works of the city by contemporary impressionist painter Geoffrey Johnson.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


41 East 57 Street, 9th Floor (Madison-Park)

Colin Hunt: The Land is a Body  –  In Colin Hunt’s new paintings in egg tempera and watercolor, the artist expands on previous themes of passage and memory, with the recognition that environments – the land itself – also hold memories and experience loss. These paintings refract figures and their relationship to place but also suggest how the landscape might do that as well, encompassing not only human time, but earthly time. Hunt deftly combines the traditions of portraiture and landscape painting, veering from the conventions of each. Neither person nor place, these new paintings sit “at the crossroads of memory, loss, and ecology.”

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


41 East 57 Street (Madison-Park)

Joel Meyerowitz (b. 1938) was born in New York City and began taking photographs in 1962. Although he has always seen himself as a street photographer in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, he transformed the mode with his pioneering use of color. As an early advocate of color photography (mid-60’s), Meyerowitz was instrumental in changing the attitude toward the use of color photography from one of resistance to nearly universal acceptance.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


32 East 67 Street, 3rd Floor (Madison-Park)

Glass work by Laura de Santillana.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


790 Madison Avenue (66-67)

The first solo exhibition by Deborah Buck since joining the gallery.

Artist Talk:
2pm & 4pm: Meet The Artist and Exhibition Walkthrough with Deborah Buck on Witches Bridge, an inaugural solo show with the gallery representation.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


34 East 67 Street, Floor 3 (Madison-Park)

Kapoor Galleries is deeply rooted in preserving and celebrating centuries of South Asian art. Over the years, the gallery has grown in stature and reputation, establishing itself as a beacon for art enthusiasts, collectors, and scholars alike.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.



31 East 72nd Street (Madison-Park)

The prevailing view of photography as a medium designed to express facts and freeze moments in time is given a new dimension in Min Yeon Sik’s work. Instead of relying on abundant natural light to illuminate his subjects, Min consciously confronts the absence of light, choosing to reveal a reality that remains hidden from casual observation. This intentional engagement with darkness redefines the traditional role of photography by transforming it into a means of uncovering the intrinsic nature of subjects when stripped of their luminosity.

Gallery Talk
2pm & 4pm: The talk will highlight the artist’s methodology and agenda. This will be an opportunity for attendees to learn about his practice and the steps in which he took to capture and develop these dreamlike works.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


23 East 73 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Florencia Escudero.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


764 Madison Avenue (65-66)

The Gallery is hosting a group exhibition of black and white landscape photographs and extraordinary books on the series presented. Also, Jens Knigge’s Northern Light Aurora platinum prints will be on view.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


35 East 76 Street (Madison-Park)

Discover Didier Guillon’s ” Ivo in Japan” an exhibition of contemporary design with Japanese atmospheres.

Gallery Tours:
Hourly, 10am to 5pm: A tour of the private Fondation Valmont collection and newest “Ivo in Japan” is available while also shopping for your Swiss skincare. Available is a film created by Valentine Guillon to represent “Ivo in Japan” and her trip to Japan with her father, Didier Guillon.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


22 East 80 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Shaping the Way We See the World: Modern and Contemporary Masters using distortion to challenge our perception.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


26 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Latin American Geometrical Abstraction.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


23 East 73 Street, 7th Floor (Madison-Fifth)

Les Enluminures is proud to present an important group of manuscripts, miniatures and jewelry from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Curator Talk
12pm & 3pm: The curator of the exhibition will lead viewers into a deep dive of the Middle Ages and how works of art, from manuscripts to jewelry, had a place in the burgeoning societies of Europe.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


19 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Yves Klein and the Tangible World.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


17 East 67 Street, #1A (Madison-Fifth)

Founded in 1889, the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) is the oldest women artists’ collective in the United States. This exhibition celebrates historic members from the early-mid 20th century for the organization’s 135th Anniversary.

Gallery Talk 
2pm: Join us for a tour of the exhibition on view.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


15 East 71 Street, Suite 2A (Madison-Fifth)

On view: From New York City’s Frenzied Waterfront to the Tranquil Landscapes of the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Talk:
12pm & 4pm: The shift from Europe to New York becoming the Capital of the Art World.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


595 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor (57-58)

The exhibition Art Handling: An Installation Play by Liz Magic Laser is conceived as a theatre piece, revolving around a group of 20th century artworks that rely on unconventional installation protocols or links to performative enactments. With works by Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Gino De Dominicis, Esperanza Mayobre and Liz Magic Laser.

Artist Talk
2pm: Luxembourg + Co. will host an artist-led tour of the exhibition with Liz Magic Laser and Esperanza Mayobre.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


813 Madison Avenue (68-69)

Enjoy a special residency of Arlene Angard Designs & Fine Arts at Max Mara. “In our world, Renaissance art blossoms, weaving a tapestry of multimedia enchantment. Our emotions into tangible forms, freezing fleeting moments through the lens of our photography. A personal symphony of boundless creativity in the form of Art.”

Curator’s Tour:
11am-2pm: A special tour of the Exhibition on View.

Gallery Talk:
3pm: Discussion by the curator followed by cocktail reception.

Exhibition Hours: 11am-6pm



4 East 77 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Exhibition of paintings and bronzes by Per Kirkeby.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


24 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Japanese photographer Hitoshi Fugo’s solo exhibition features his KAMI series, which depicts the dramatic transformation of his single subject over time.

Gallery Talk
11am & 3pm: Walk-through by gallery director, Miyako Yoshinaga.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


1088 Madison Avenue (81-82)

A Monnalisa Art Exhibit featuring the artist Marcie Soloway. The exhibit will feature some of Ms. Soloway’s most iconic oil paintings.

Exhibition Hours: 2pm-6pm.


45 East 78 Street (Madison-Park)

Mnuchin Gallery’s “Spring Fever” highlights artists who have been central to the gallery’s programming over the past three decades. The artworks featured in the exhibition collectively embody the vitality and dynamism of the spring season.

Gallery Hours: 10am-5:30pm.


980 Madison Avenue, Floor 3 (76-77)

Nahmad Contemporary is pleased to present Dubuffet x Giacometti, a long overdue tête-à-tête between two of the most significant artists of the 20th century.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


1046 Madison Avenue (79-80)

Spindizzies: Vintage Miniature Gas Powered Racing Cars.

Gallery Talks
12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm: The fastest things on wheels: Miniature auto racing in America 1947-1955.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


791 Madison Avenue (66-67)

Experience a dual presentation of Joan Miró and Alexander Calder programmed alongside Infinite Gesture, a group show of contemporary artists.

Curatorial Tour
1pm: Professor David Carrier leads a Curatorial Tour of Kindred Spirits – Joan Miró and Alexander Calder.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


35 East 67 Street (Madison-Park)

Petzel is pleased to present Drawings, an exhibition of works on paper by Austrian artist Maria Lassnig (1919–2014). The exhibition spans the artist’s career in 32 works created from 1955 to 2009, revealing insight into the importance of drawing in Maria Lassnig’s oeuvre.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


980 Madison Avenue, Rm 303 (76-77)

Robilant+Voena is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition of works by Sergio Roger, Mnemosyne’s Delay. This exhibition brings together examples of Roger’s signature textile works inspired by the art and architecture of ancient civilizations.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.


19 East 66 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Françoise Gilot: the first posthumous exhibition of the artist’s work in New York.

Gallery Talk
2pm: Judith Solodkin, founder of Solo Impression, will discuss her time working with Françoise Gilot and the production of monotypes.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


964 Madison Avenue (75-76)

Rubin&Chapelle presents an exhibition featuring works by multimedia artist Marcel Odenbach, based in Cologne. Many of his pieces explore the interplay between subjective recollection and collective memory. The exhibition will include three collaged screen prints from the series titled ‘Break Apart,’ as well as two video works.

Exhibition Hours: 12pm-5pm


58 East 79 Street (Madison-Park)

Over 100 years ago, on November 20, 1923, Otto Kallir’s (1894 – 1978) Neue Galerie opened its doors in Vienna with an exhibition of paintings by Egon Schiele. Kallir played a key role in establishing the posthumous reputations of Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Richard Gerstl. His exhibitions of Edvard Munch (1924), Paul Signac (1924), Caspar David Friedrich (1926), Vincent Van Gogh (1928), and Auguste Renoir (1931) awakened Vienna to the avant-garde. Kallir supported the Hagenbund artists’ association and artists such as Alfred Kubin and Oskar Kokoschka. After emigrating in 1938, he made significant contributions to the international recognition of Austrian modernism through exhibitions, sales, and donations to American museums.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


790 Madison Avenue, Suite 602 (66-67)

New acquisitions – a selection of paintings and works on paper, including Norman Bluhm, Merce Cunningham, Hans Hofmann, Paul Jenkins, Edda Renouf, and others.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm


20 East 79 Street (Madison-Fifth)

An exhibition of thirty-four new paintings and works on paper by Chantal Joffe, titled My dearest dust.

Gallery Hours: 10am-5pm.


16 East 71 Street, Suite 1A (Madison-Fifth)

PXL CTY: Antony Cairns – Antony Cairns has used the city and its urban development as an ostensible subject and chooses to engage deeply with the history of the photographic medium, experimenting with printing methods and the aesthetics of abstraction. By referring to authors of anticipation literature such as JG Ballard or China Mieville, Antony Cairns explores the corners of an imaginary city where encounters do not appear. By printing his works and assembling them as montages on early computer punch cards – perhaps the earliest icon of the Information Age – and more recently by using the Electronik Ink or E-Ink *, Antony Cairns raises questions about the way in which urban fragmentation take hold of social bonds.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


958 Madison Avenue (75-76)

Nathan Brujis has developed a visual language that mirrors a sensation of the expressive power of the subconscious and the spiritual. Starting from simple geometric forms and gestural brushstrokes arranged in layers, Mr. Brujis’ voyage solidifies into a multidimensional discovery of opposing forces, an embodiment of the universal fabric as seen through the eyes of the artist.

Artist Talk
12pm & 3pm: Nathan will give a tour of his exhibition, and discuss his creative process.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm


22 East 80 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Alighiero Boetti’s inventive practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture, embroidery, mail art and weaving, developing a body of diverse works concerned with the liminal space between polarities. Celebrating the gallery’s flourishing collaborative relationship with the artist during his lifetime, the show comprises artworks from four decades, alongside rich archival material.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


980 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor (76-77)

American Modernism and Post War.

Gallery Hours: 11am-5pm.


9 East 63 Street, Floor 2 (Madison-Fifth)

Japanese Ceramics: Medieval to Contemporary

Gallery Talk
11am, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm: Tradition and innovation in Japanese ceramics.

Gallery Hours: 11am-4:30pm.


23 East 67 Street, Third Floor (Madison-Fifth)

Leitmotif:  a solo exhibition of seminal works by Osvaldo Mariscotti.  The show features new paintings and a sculpture by the artist. Osvaldo Mariscotti’s art is an art of fundamentals: color, line, and the possibilities inherent in their variation and repetition. Using this economy of means, Mariscotti creates an expressive world that draws on sources as diverse as nature, classical music, and the early pioneers of abstraction

Gallery Talk:
2pm & 4pm: Join us for a tour of the exhibition on view.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


23 East 73 Street (Madison-Fifth)

Richard Diebenkorn: Figures and Faces.

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm.


1002 Madison Avenue (77-78)

White Cube is pleased to present ‘AERIAL’, an exhibition by Antony Gormley, in which the artist considers sculpture as an instrument for proprioception – the body’s innate capacity to sense and perceive its position, movements and orientation in relation to itself and the environment. The exhibition features two recent developments in Gormley’s practice: one explores physical proximity in mass and scale, where two over-life-size bodies merge as one, while the other endeavours to catalyse space almost without mass.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm.