services on Madison Ave

security on Madison

Security Hotline 1-212-288-5959

Our highly trained, professional and state-licensed public safety officers patrol from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Each officer is in constant communication with the BID’s dispatcher, who can quickly reach the NYPD. Each business is provided with decals with our Security Hotline number, and is encouraged to contact us with requests for assistance. Helping a store manager lock up after a late evening of doing inventory. Alerting business owners of a shoplifting pattern and aiding the NYPD in the apprehension of the perpetrators. Joining the NYPD in a vending law enforcement joint operation. Providing directions to visitors from abroad. Addressing the students of P.S. 6 on safety. Providing uniformed omnipresence on Madison Avenue as a deterrent to crime. These are some of the tasks that have made the Madison Avenue Public Safety Team partners with the NYPD and our constituent businesses.

the gleam team

Sanitation Services

The Madison Avenue BID’s Gleam Team supplements the services of the NYC Department of Sanitation by assisting property owners and merchants in maintaining an environment free of litter and graffiti. Seven days per week, our professional crew sweeps the District’s sidewalks and curbs, removes graffiti and illegal posters from the Avenue’s street furniture, lines our trash receptacles, empties full trash cans, and places full liners on the curb for pickup by the NYC Department of Sanitation. By request, the Gleam Team will also provide free power washing and, during the summer, water for Madison Avenue’s greenery. Businesses, property owners and residents should contact the BID though our Hotline, 1-212-288-5959 to report sanitation-related problems as they arise.

capital improvements

On Madison

Additional trees were recently planted on Madison Avenue, and poorly maintained tree wells were repaired, enlarged and accented with Belgian Block paving stones. Thanks to a grant secured by former City Council Member Eva Moskowitz, and the efforts of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the BID has embarked on a program to improve the aesthetics of the newspaper vending boxes on Madison Avenue. The BID designed, installed and maintained specially produced modular newspaper racks which replaced those put on our sidewalks by individual newspaper publishers. Other recent improvements include installation of decorative Bishop’s Crook light poles by the City’s Department of Transportation on Madison Avenue between East 60th and East 73rd Streets, and mulching of district tree wells. Throughout the year, the BID has taken an active role in aiding property owners and businesses in understanding the storefront improvement guidelines enacted by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Lost Property

Periodically, property lost on Madison Avenue is found by Madison Avenue Security & Gleam Team Personnel. If you believe that you have lost property on Madison Avenue, please contact the Madison Avenue BID office at 212-861-2055.