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Madison X Marunouchi Partnership

The Madison Avenue BID is pleased to partner with the Marunouchi District in Tokyo. To learn more about Marunouchi, click here.

9th annual Marunouchi x Madison Uchimizu ceremony

Golden Week on Madison Avenue for Marunouchi Card Holders
The Marunouchi card is a shopping card which can be used throughout the Marunouchi
district in Tokyo. Shoppers from Marunouchi making purchases over $100 US at Madison
Avenue shops during Golden Week will receive 1,000 points on their Marunouchi card. Shoppers making purchases at Madison Avenue boutiques that also have a store within Marunouchi will receive an additional 500 points.

Marunouchi and Madison Avenue Gleam Team Uniforms Proudly Display the Marunouchi x Madison Logo

Madison Avenue Partners with Tokyo’s Marunouchi District to Promote Shopping and Tourism
The Madison Avenue BID is partnering with Tokyo’s financial center, the Marunouchi district, to promote travel and shopping in both destinations through co-branded events, specialized tours and unique shopping offers. The Madison Avenue BID is working with the Mitsubishi Estate, which manages the Marunouchi district. The partnership began with an exhibit about Madison Avenue’s history and current development in Tokyo. The exhibit was held at the Marunouchi Building on Naka-dori Street from June 18-24th. A few weeks later, Madison Avenue BID representatives joined Mitsubishi Estate leadership at an official signing ceremony in Tokyo.

In the beginning of August, Madison Avenue held a traditional Japanese Uchimizu Ceremony – a ritual sprinkling of water on sidewalks to cool down the area. The Marunouchi district holds an Uchimizu ceremony annually.

“We are honored to be partnering with the Mitsubishi Estate and the Marunouchi District,” said Matthew Bauer, President of the Madison Avenue BID. “This is an international extension of the BID’s high-impact services to the Madison Avenue retail community, conceiving and implementing marketing activities to better position Madison Avenue as the one of the world’s premier luxury streets. This partnership brings together two of the most vibrant global shopping destinations, and it is designed to attract visitors and build loyalty to the areas.”

Mr. Jo Kato, Chairman of Marunouchi Merchants’ Association said, “We look forward to having the Marunouchi district recognized internationally through this collaboration with Madison Avenue. Marunouchi used to be known only as a center of business, however, the newly-built Marunouchi Building has served as a catalyst and the entire area in the heart of Tokyo has now become known for its exciting retail opportunities as well as being a center of commerce. We would like to invite people from all over the world to visit.”

Marunouchi is located in the center of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and runs north and south between Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station with an area of 1,200,000 square meters, almost 3 million acres. The commercial area features world class boutiques, clothiers and fine jewelers such as Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Coach and Tiffany & Co., as well as approximately 750 fine restaurants and cafes specializing in diverse cuisines. Mitsubishi Estate Co, Ltd. has been a pioneer of urban development in Japan aiming to make Marunouchi into “the most interactive town in the world.” At this point one million visitors every day confirm the area’s status as an exciting combination of culture and commerce making Marunouchi a great marketplace equivalent to the Shinjuku and Ginza commercial districts of Japan. To learn more, please click here.