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Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
29 East 61st Street, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10065

About Us


In 1996, the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) was formed through a partnership of property owners, merchants, residents and elected officials, who joined together with the fundamental goal of enhancing the quality of life for the community and its visitors. The BID is managed by the 60-86 Madison Avenue District Management Association, a not-for-profit corporation under contract with the City of New York to supplement services to the community. The DMA is supported by revenue generated from assessments to local property owners, and focuses on security, sanitation, promotion of and advocacy for the district. The Madison Avenue BID extends from East 57th to East 86th Street on Madison Avenue and also encompasses the commercial areas of its adjacent side streets. The district is comprised of approximately 250 buildings, 500 cooperatives and condominium units and over 800 businesses, and includes some of the world’s most celebrated boutiques, galleries, restaurants and hotels. While the BID serves all property owners, commercial tenants and residents within the district, only registered members may vote, elect and serve as members of the BID’s Board of Directors. If you reside, own property or a business in the district and wish to register as a member, visit the BID office to fill out a registration card.

Download the 2023 Madison Avenue BID Annual Report:
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