Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 15 – Madison Avenue Business Improvement District

Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
29 East 61st Street, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10065

Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 15

April 7th, 2021   

Join ARTnews and the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District for our Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk taking place on Saturday, May 15, 2021. This free event invites the public to visit participating galleries, view their spring exhibitions and attend expert talks led by artists and curators on Madison Avenue and its adjacent side streets from East 57th Street to East 86th Street.

Due to limited capacity, registration is required to reserve your space at each participating gallery. Galleries are listed in alphabetical order. Each gallery visit booking must be done separately.

Click here for Printable Map & Guide for Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk

Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk is part of Madison Avenue Art & Design Weekend. In addition to programming in our galleries, the Madison Avenue BID, in partnership with the Design Pavilion and NYCxDesign, is hosting the End-of-Year Student Show of the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in available storefront windows on the Avenue during this weekend. SVA exhibits are located at 698 & 700 Madison Avenue (62-63); 777, 779 & 781 Madison Avenue (66-67); 926 Madison Avenue (73-74); 966 Madison Avenue (75-76) and 1015 Madison Avenue (78-79).

As we prepare for the event, we want to stress that your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We require all participating galleries to limit admission to a safe capacity where everyone can maintain the required six foot social distance. Additionally, face masks will be worn by staff at all times, and frequent sanitization of seating, doors, and other common surfaces will take place throughout the day. Guests of the event are also required to wear a mask during the course of the event.

Participating Galleries & Exhibitions on View
Acquavella Galleries, 18 East 79 Street (Madison-Fifth) (10am-5pm)
On the first floor, we will be showing “Eva Hesse / Hannah Wilke: Erotic Abstraction,” the first exhibition to present these two pioneering artists side by side. Curated by Eleanor Nairne of the Barbican Art Gallery, the show features foundational works in the history of post-Minimalist and feminist art. Upstairs, we are presenting new works on canvas by American Israeli artist Jacob El Hanani, a tribute to the artist’s mastery of abstraction through his painstaking pen-and-ink drawings.
Gallery Talk: 11am: Gallery Director Michael Findlay will present a tour of both of our exhibitions.

Alexander Berggruen, 1018 Madison Avenue (78-79) (11am-6pm)
Our current group show “Shapes” investigates geometric abstraction among a broad array of artists. The works included in the exhibition explore the vast possible interpretations of boundless iterations of form. Shapes can operate unhindered by their relation to the space around them. Or shapes can appear as relational fragments, sometimes recalling distinct objects and locations.
Gallery Talk: 3pm: Exhibition Walkthrough with Gallery Staff

Arader Galleries, 1016 Madison Avenue (78-79) (10am-6pm)
In dialogue with the Met’s Bodmer show, we have gathered together several dozen examples of Bodmer’s illustrations as well as those of George Catlin. Both artists explored the American West in the nineteenth century, and depicted Native Americans and the flora and fauna they saw in ways that electrified the European imagination. Set against plates from Audubon’s Birds of America, Bodmer’s and Catlin’s visions of America’s vast strangeness conjure an America that has been disappearing ever since.

Arlene Angard Designs & Fine Art, 3 East 66 St, Ste 2A (Madison-Fifth) (11am-5pm)
In my small garden Exhibit by Nathaniel Galka Nature, beauty, and empathy in this world is where Nathaniel finds complete happiness. He has an exquisite love affair with nature. He relates greatly to the “Aesthetic Movement” started in the mid 1800’s in England.
Gallery Talk: 1, 2 & 3pm: Nathaniel Galka will talk about “Aesthetic Movement” and his perspective. The movement emphasized more the sensual values than the socio-political ideas or themes which our current culture is obsessed with. His fascination with the “Aesthetic Movement” arises from its continued challenge to the values of the mainstream culture by referencing beauty of the natural world. This is why he’s on the forefront of what he would call the “net-aesthetic” movement.

Baahng Gallery, 790 Madison Avenue (66-67) (11am-6pm)
Secret Garden, solo exhibition, by Sophie Matisse; Love Difference, group exhibition, by Eric Brown, Janet Taylor Pickett, Zhang Hongtu; Window Project at 784 Madison by Jaye Moon

Ceysson & Bénétière, 956 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor (75-76) (11am-6pm)
The exhibition on view will be a retrospective of Supports/Surfaces artist André Valensi. For Valensi, making advanced art meant repudiating its decorative use, as well as any illustrative function it might serve for religious, philosophical, or moral purpose. Hence an unconditional commitment to abstraction. The works invite the viewer to stop using the eye for mere seeing in order to experience the separation of the mundane from the spiritual.

David Nolan Gallery, 24 East 81 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
“Mel Kendrick, David Hartt and Wardell Milan” augments and creates a dialogue between current and forthcoming institutional exhibitions by the artists: Kendrick’s career-spanning traveling survey at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, MA; Hartt’s work included in “Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America” at MoMA, and solo exhibition at the Glass House, New Canaan, CT; and Milan’s first museum solo exhibition at the Bronx Museum, opening in June 2021.

Debra Force Fine Art, 13 East 69 Street, Suite 4F (Madison-Fifth) (11am-5pm)
An Adventurous Spirit: Julian Alden Weir with additional works by other American Impressionist artists.

Dickinson, 980 Madison Avenue, Suite 304 (76-77) (11am-5pm)
Showcasing the maquette for Miró’s Mur de la Lune (The Wall of the Moon); the preparatory work for the UNESCO wall at the Paris headquarters, gifted by the artist to the lead architect, Marcel Breuer.

Franklin Parrasch Gallery, 19 East 66 Street, Fourth Floor (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Mildred Howard’s first solo exhibition at Franklin Parrasch Gallery will be on view.

FreedmanArt, 25 East 73 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-4pm)
“Shadowboxing”, an exhibition that joins works of photographer Nona Faustine and painter Kit White grappling with the history of national monuments, racism, and civil war.

Gagosian, 980 Madison Avenue (76-77) (11am-6pm)
Rudolf Stingel, April 20–May 22, 2021
A painting on display by Rudolf Stingel is “Kirchner Amselfluh 1922”, 2020. Oil on canvas, 95 × 134 ¼ inches (241.3 × 341 cm).

Gagosian Shop, 976 Madison Avenue (76-77) (11am-6pm)
The Gagosian Shop in New York curates a coveted selection of rare books, art editions, unique collaborations, posters, jewelry, apparel, and Leica cameras.

Galerie Gmurzynska, 43 East 78 Street (Madison-Park) (12pm-6pm)
Arnulf Rainer: Paintings, Drawings, Books
Gallery Talk: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm: The gallery director will discuss the Arnulf Rainer exhibition on view.

Gray, 1018 Madison Avenue, Floor 2 (78-79) (11am-4pm)
Recent works by Theaster Gates.

Henrique Faria, 35 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
Álvaro Gómez – A Return To The Thread.

Hirschl & Adler, 41 East 57 Street, 9th Floor (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
The pandemic has flushed out some great works of art from multi-generational private collections. Among our most noteworthy recent acquisitions is a magnificent sporting painting by Frank Benson, which has been in one family’s collection since the patriarch acquired it from Benson—his friend and hunting companion—in the 1920s. Our most recent new acquisition is a magical 1949 Charles Burchfield watercolor called Cobwebs in Autumn, which was acquired by the father of its current owner in the early 1950s, perhaps as a memento of the subject of his thesis at Harvard University in 1942.

Hubert Gallery, 16 East 79 Street (Madison-Fifth) (12pm-5pm)
Group show featuring new works by Geoffrey Johnson, Dennis Campay and J Louis.

Ippodo Gallery, 32 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
Ippodo Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Garden of Dreams: Porcelain Stories by Yuki Hayama, the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. This show of over 20 works that blend the distinction between painting and ceramics.
Gallery Talk: 2:30pm: A Walk Through the Porcelain Garden – Ippodo Gallery Director Shoko Aono takes you on a brief artwork tour talking about the artist’s vision, the gallery’s relationship to the artwork and artist, and the process of realizing this exhibition.

Kapoor Galleries, 34 East 67 Street, Floor 3 (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
Masterpieces of Indian and Himalayan Art.
Gallery Talk: hourly, from 11am to 5pm: A brief exploration into the world of classical Indian and Himalayan Art through the lens of Hindu, Jain, & Buddhist masterworks of sculpture and painting.

Kraushaar Galleries, 15 East 71 Street, Suite 2B (Madison-Fifth) (11am-5pm)
Contours of Abstraction, a selection of early to mid-20th Century paintings and works on paper by American artists and Spring, contemporary floral works.

L. Parker Stephenson Photographs, 764 Madison Avenue (65-66) (12pm-6pm)
Landscape photographer Witho Worms offers meditative abstract yet detailed views of the Dutch Polders in a series of contact platinum prints. Water, earth, and sky divide the horizon of these constructed environments which transform water into arable land.
Gallery Talk: 1pm: The Gallery owner will discuss this series by Dutch photographer and cultural anthropologist Witho Worms, who will join us at the gallery via Zoom.

Leila Heller Gallery, 17 East 76th Street (Madison-Fifth) (10am-6pm)
Korean artist Ran Hwang’s solo show “Hope Springs Eternal” consists of a series of work created during quarantine and fueled by the artist’s compulsion to seek inner peace and mental stability. In this exhibition, Hwang focuses on small cherry blossom works that are bright and joyful, following the religious practices of Buddhism and hoping to bring light to people’s hearts and heal their inner wounds.

Lévy Gorvy, 909 Madison Avenue (72-73) (11am-6pm)
Our current installations include Eleanore Mikus: Voiceless Poems, featuring the late artist’s seminal Tablet and Paperfold series; Paulo Monteiro: The Two Sides of an Empty Line, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures; and Michelangelo Pistoletto, Porte Uffizi, a newly realized, site-specific installation of a seminal work by Pistoletto, comprising an open-timber architectural structure of subdivided chambers, each labeled with a different social principle.

Lois Wagner Fine Arts, 15 East 71st Street, Suite 2A (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
19-21st Century American Art.
Gallery Talk: 11am & 1pm: How to Have Artwork & Valuables Appraised – Jane St. Lifer, Sr. Appraiser, ASA, MA. 12pm & 3pm: American Artist – Travel & Inspiration by Timothy Clark, International Known Watercolorist;

Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, 24 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Karen Miranda Rivadeneira‘s new series MEDA – photographs, silkscreens, and paintings – is the result of her investigation on the primordial relationship between humans and the earth. Against the background of New Mexico and her ancestral land in Ecuador, Rivadeneira captures naked bodies of women with their skins in close contact with rocks, grottos, dry hills, and ancient trees. In these scenes, darkness, and light, heat and cool, tenderness and roughness, permanence and transience intersect magically.
Gallery Talk: 2pm & 4pm: Artist will talk about her inspirations and techniques for her versatile art projects.

Nicholas Brawer, 1046 Madison Avenue (79-80) (12pm-5pm)
Miniature vintage gas powered racing cars 1947-1959.

Opera Gallery, 791 Madison Avenue (66-67) (11am-6pm)
Opera Gallery will celebrate famous painter and sculptor Manolo Valdés with an unprecedented solo exhibition simply titled “Manolo Valdés” at our New York location.
Gallery Talk: Hourly from 11am to 5pm: Internationally acclaimed both as a painter and as a sculptor, Manolo Valdés is a pioneering and adventurous explorer of image, form and materials, instantly recognizable with his unique and innovative style. Fascinated by matter and its properties, the artist gives it life in an unparalleled way. Aluminum, bronze, resin, stainless-steel, burlap, wood, oil, mirror, alabaster… all these materials gather to reveal the classical theme of the female portrait under a new light.

Petzel Gallery, 35 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (10am-6pm)
Petzel’s debut exhibition of German conceptual artist Hanne Darboven showcases the influential work Europa 97, a collection of 384 individual pages in which the artist allocated her daily calculations for the entire year of 1997 according to a system of cross-arithmetic calculations. Also on view, on the third floor of the Upper East Side gallery, is a group showing of work by Hanne Darboven, Wade Guyton, Allan McCollum, Stephen Prina, and Samson Young.

Robilant+Voena, 980 Madison Avenue, Suite 303 (76-77) (11am-6pm)
Robilant+Voena presents Two Artists, Two Actresses, pairing portraits of two women whose powerful performances captured the popular imagination of their times. Although painted 400 years apart, Francesco Clemente’s Scarlett Johansson (2008) joins in conversation with Giulio Cesare Procaccini’s seventeenth-century portrait of the actress Orsola Cecchini. Also on view are a selection of old and modern masterworks depicting empowered women whose allure and grace endure across time.
Gallery Talk: 11am & 3pm: Dr. Virginia Brilliant will present the two portraits, exploring what they reveal about their subjects and the times in which they were created.

Rosenberg & Co., 19 East 66 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
We will have works on display by three American artists: Dorothy Dehner, Beatrice Mandelman and Jeffrey Wasserman
Gallery Talk: 2pm: Dorothy Dehner

Shepherd / W & K Galleries, 58 East 79 Street (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
European Posters 1900 -1930: With limited ways of communicating one’s art, products, or business to the public with immediacy, posters became omnipresent in the cities of Europe. The poster form of visual advertising was often a highly artistic expression of the work of fine, applied, and commercial artists.

Skarstedt Gallery, 20 East 79 Street (Madison-Fifth) (10am-5pm)
Skarstedt is pleased to present Faces and Figures, a group exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and photographs demonstrating the many ways in which the components of artist, model, and representation have been configured and reconfigured from the mid-twentieth-century to present.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 1100 Madison Avenue (82-83) (11am-6pm)
One of the most influential photographers working today, Sebastião Salgado is acclaimed for his breathtaking landscapes, images of endangered wildlife and documentary projects on indigenous peoples. This exhibition includes photographs from Genesis (2004–2011), Salgado’s epic series that’s been called a love letter to the Earth, as well as an image from Exodus (1993–1999). The analog black-and-white photographs range in size, with small- and medium-sized prints alongside large-scale images measuring 68 x 50 inches.

Thomsen Gallery, 9 East 63 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
A curated exhibition of modern and contemporary Japanese art with a focus on paintings, folding screens, and gold lacquer boxes from 1920 to 2020.

Van de Weghe, 1018 Madison Avenue (78-79) (11am-6pm)
Sculptures by Alexander Calder and Henry Moore.

Van Doren Waxter, 23 East 73 Street, 3rd Floor (Madison-Fifth) (10am-6pm)
Caetano de Almeida, Paintings on canvas and works on paper, 2nd Floor
Volker Hüller, Birds, Paintings on canvas, 3rd Floor

Yoshii Gallery, 980 Madison Avenue, Suite 302 (76-77) (11am-5pm)
Yoshii Gallery will present its current exhibition Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain – WARE-DAIZARA. In this exhibition, the artist’s white porcelain works are displayed on a bed of sand, evoking the tranquil setting of the zen garden at Ryoanji.